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New film by the creators of Nasty Old People

Granny’s Dancing on the Table, that’s the name of the new feature film directed and produced by the team behind the indie-distribution success Nasty Old People (read more about Nasty on Boing-Boing, on TorrentFreak and in Sydsvenskan). This time the users (formerly known as the audience) will take part in the production to a much greater extent. The fans of the film are, at this stage in the production, encouraged to contribute with thoughts, ideas and stories that are related to the obstacles that the protagonist Eini is facing.

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Short synopsis of the movie (copy-pasted from the Facebook fanpage):


This is a story about the masks and disguises that we wear to gain confidence or maybe to reveal our true selves. But it’s also a story about letting go of control, to take off the mask, to find love.

Eini is our main character, and she grows up without any impressions from the outside world. She has never seen a TV, never listened to the radio, never read a newspaper and never checked her e-mail.

When she enters the world, she knows nothing about the social codes this society is built upon, and this puts her in many strange situations. But the fact that she doesn’t know also gives her new possibilities.

Eini has a special gift. She knows how to predict earthquakes, even when they are so tiny no one else can notice them. This skill helps her survive many situations in life.

When Eini is looking for relatives in Italy she finds another reality. Her grandmother and her whole family died a long time ago in an earthquake, but she also finds magical and amazing stories about people who survived the same earthquake.

One of the persons Eini gets close to is Anna, but Eini doesn’t know Anna’s a transvestite. Anna is in conflict with the world because she always has to hide her other identity to her friends, and to Eini in particular, until the day Eini finally finds out.

Eini grows in a situation where she’s totally powerless, and her goal becomes to have control over her own life, but this also means that she can’t connect to other people. She has to learn that relationships also mean to walk into the uncontrollable zone in life.


Image Credit: using the Creative Commons license by-noncommercial