New grants to MEDEA projects

Within the funding programme for ICT use, the national funding agency Vinnova is supporting demonstrator-oriented projects where companies work with academia and “problem owners” to create new concepts and stimulate economic growth.

The fall 2009 deadline was intended for demonstrators oriented towards leisure, entertainment and pleasure. Over 50 full applications were received, and today it was announced that 11 were granted.

Two of the projects are MEDEA co-productions.

One is Emues, a platform for connecting music fans with artists and venues in new ways by crowdspawning and crowdfunding live music events. Malmö University participates together with Emues Group, The Swedish Model and Tyst Booking & Management.

The other is URBLOVE where the aim is to develop a mobile service combining urban exploration, gameplay and user-generated content. The partners here are Malmö University, Ozma Speldesign, Föreningen Bryggeriet i Malmö, Rörelsen Gatans Röst och Ansikte, Malmö Living Labs and Wireless Internet Provider.

Another one of the eleven granted proposals involves MEDEA partner Do-Fi together with a range of partners on the subject of urban navigation aids for the visually impaired.

Each proposal is supported with up to 1.5 MSEK for a period of between 6 and 24 months to develop compelling demonstrators and useful knowledge to advance our field.