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Elements of a Networked Urbanism—Adam Greenfield (Medea Talks #8)

ADAM GREENFIELD lives in a city, and thinks you probably do, too. Over the past several years, he says, we’ve watched as a very wide variety of objects and surfaces familiar from everyday life have been reimagined as networked information-gathering, -processing, -storage, and -display resources. Why should cities be any different? Adam is currently Nokia’s Head of Design Direction for Service and User-Interface Design and teaches at York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Design Program.

See his blog at and have a look at ReadWriteWeb’s interview with Greenfield on his book Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing.

Moderator: Kathrine Winkelhorn, Lecturer K3, Malmö University

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This MEDEA Talk was organized by MEDEA’s entrepreneur-in-residence, Bob Jacobson.