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Making Commons Work #17

The idea of commons describes practices that rely on sharing and collaboration. But how do you make commons work in practice, and not just in theory? With design researchers Anna Seravalli and Bianca Elzenbaumer.

On Media and Medicine #16

This episode is about the connections between media and medicine. What do movies, TV dramas, and social media have to do with real-life doctor-patient relationships? And how can new media technologies enhance patient-centered care? With Kirsten Ostherr and Erin Cory.

Restoring Lost Voices of History #15

The voices that are represented in history are the voices of the elites. How can we restore lost voices and open up new perspectives on history? This Medea Vox episode is a conversation between Carolyn Steedman and Magnus Nilsson.

Sustainable Urban Development: What Role Can Culture Play? #14

Culture can be a tool for change across boundaries. In this Medea Vox episode, we’re discussing culture in regard to sustainable urban development. What role can culture play? Can we look at culture as a dimension to—or a pillar of—sustainability that is equal to environmental responsibility, social equity, and economic viability?

The Future of Learning (Or, why school can never be as good as a cool video game) #13

New technologies have great potential to support education. However, bringing innovation to the school, university, learner, and teacher is a challenging endeavor. In this Medea Vox episode, we discuss how new technologies change the way people think and learn. More in particular, we discuss games, project-based learning and data analytics.

Why Corporations Cannot Solve Climate Change #12

Large corporations, capitalism and technological innovation will solve climate change. That is the story we’re being told, but is it true? Professor Daniel Nyberg wants us to stop believing in that narrative, which he describes as a “corporate myth.” This myth is dangerous because it prevents us from thinking of other solutions to climate change, such as regulations and building stronger societal institutions.

Bicycling is About Slowing Down #11

For a hundred years, we’ve been burning fossil fuels to get from point A to point B. Now, when climate change is accelerating, we need other means than the car for individual transportation. Is bicycling part of the solution?

50 Years of Research, Teaching and Politics #10

Marju Lauristin describes herself as an academic spy in a political environment. In this Medea Vox episode, she talks about what life as a scholar was like in Soviet times—and how she brings her political experiences into teaching and research.

Being A Researcher-Activist #9

To combine reflection with action is not as easy as one may think. Research ethics, feminism and activism are some of the topics that Mary Brydon-Miller and Maria Persdotter discuss in this episode of Medea Vox.

The Virtual Reality Hype #8

Virtual reality is celebrated as the ultimate medium for storytelling. Some even say that virtual reality can make you feel empathy in ways that no other media could. In this episode of Medea Vox, we gather three media scholars to discuss the concepts of augmented and virtual reality. Should we believe the hype?

On Lifelogging and the Quantified Self #7

Many of us track our everyday activities. But what does the era of digital storage do to our concepts of identity and self-representation?

On Museums and Nationalism #6

Modern migration and globalization issues are forcing museums around the world to think about their role in society. Can they balance the pressures of nationalism and multiculturalism?

Feeling at Home With Internet of Things #5

In this episode of Medea Vox, we discuss what a “smart” home is—and what new ways of being together the Internet of Things will enable.

On the Future of Book Design #4

Author and designer Zach Dodson discusses his book Bats of the Republic in relation to book design, hybrid narratives and the future of enhanced books.

Eat Your Plastic-Munching Pests (It’s All In Your Head) #3

In this episode, we discuss how plastic-eating worms might influence how we will live with plastics, and what it’s like to eat worms.

Why Reading Books is (not) Important #2

What is reading? Why is it relevant in today’s society? And, are Swedish teenagers really as bad at reading as it seems?

Extremist Communication #1

A discussion on how political extremists use the internet and social media to promote their cause.