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I am and other global twitteralities – poetry and the perpetual printing of the Twitter machine

There is a website that pumps poetry at breakneck speed, 24/7. Trivialities, death, grief and love; instant poetry authored by millions of unknowing but ego-centric Twitter users around the world. This was one of the results when researchers and students at Medea met poets from Malmö.

Intuitive Improvisation: A Phenomenological Method for Dance Experimentation with Mobile Digital Media

[PUBLICATION] This paper is located at the juncture of philosophical and artistic research, offering the second in a series of phenomenologically informed methods relevant to the design and creative use of mobile digital devices called the Intuitive Improvisation method. It is also part of a larger philosophical and artistic project in Social Choreographies which contributes to the ever developing field of social aesthetics by providing a perspective uniquely coloured by dance and phenomenology.

Social Curation of News

For the past few months, I’ve spent a few hours every week on Twitter looking for scholars, PhDs, post-grad students etc within the field of new media (broadly speaking). The reason for this is the idea of social curation of news, a concept that is gaining more and more traction the more time we spend online liking, bookmarking, sharing, tweeting and retweeting articles that we – for any reason – find interesting. […]