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Open Seminar – Speed, Open Innovation, and Ecosystems: Implications for Software Engineering

JAN BOSCH, professor in software engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and at Groningen University, will on October 1 host a seminar dealing with the realization of software innovation in organizations, and the need this creates for embracing a wider perspective on developing novel software products.

Date/time: October 1, at 13.30-14.30.

Location: Room C214, building Kranen (no. 4 on this map)

We need to know how many chairs we need, please sign up here!.

Building Fabriken: Design for Socially Shaped Innovation

[PUBLICATION] In exploring how design could support socially shaped innovation, the paper discusses the experience of designing Fabriken, a socially shaped infrastructure for socially shaped innovation. This article is to be presented by PhD student Anna Seravalli at the Design Research Society International Conference Bangkok, 2012.

Internet of Things 3.0: Medea och Mobile Heights får Vinnovastöd

VINNOVA har beviljat 750 000 kronor till projektet Internet of Things 3.0, för idéutveckling och konstellationsbyggande, med möjlighet till utökat stöd 2012. Projektet är ett samarbete mellan parterna i forskningscentret NMSA inom Mobile Heights, som Medea på Malmö högskola har värdskapet för.

Kontaktperson: Karin Johansson-Mex, Medea.

Open Prototyping for schools: a presentation

One of the topics I work with as part of my research, is the creation of prototyping tools for education and how they help the creation of new businesses around them. I find very important the use of open source tools as part of anything that has to do with the creation of new educational experiences. This is -in a way- in conflict with traditional business strategies. Protecting IP via copyright or patents is the basic way of getting revenues for many companies.