Elis: Mobile services for energy efficiency in existing buildings

[PROJECT PORTFOLIO] This Vinnova funded project explores how personal mobile devices can be used as catalysts and user interfaces for energy efficiency in existing buildings. The project focuses on the service level, and already existing infrastructure and hardware will be used to the greatest possible extent.

How Electronics Connect Us to the World—David Cuartielles (Medea Talks #18)

DAVID CUARTIELLES is a researcher at Malmö University and one of the founders of the revolutionary open-source microcontroller Arduino. On March 1, David Cuartielles gave a Medea Talk about the history of Arduino, and a presentation of concepts and projects envisioned by people around the world. What happens when you bring traditional craftsmanship together with electronics?

AffeXity – Geospatial tagging using AR browser Argon

[PROJECT PORTFOLIO] AffeXity is an interdisciplinary, collaborative, social choreography project drawing together dance, geo-spatially tagged visual imagery, and people using mobile-networked devices. Located in Medea’s wider research and production profile, this is a particularly material and performative example of the “Internet of Things.”