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Designing For Homo Explorens: Open Social Play in Performative Frames

[PUBLICATIONS] Designing for Homo Explorens is a compositional design perspective within interaction design academia. It extends the Homo Ludens view of humans as playful creatures with the perspective of exploratory interaction. It focuses on socially exploratory interaction between participants mediated through designed artifacts. In the form of a Manifesto, four aspects are introduced which highlight important design dimensions to consider in Designing for Homo Explorens. The four aspects of the Manifesto are concerned with creating exploration through internal complexity, experiential exploration through full-body interaction, social playfulness through distortions of situated norms and a frame for performative interactions. The insights in the four aspects come from knowledge gained through experimenting with twelve working prototypes in real-life contexts, combined with contemporary streams of theory regarding ambiguity, somaesthetics, norms, situatedness and performativity.

Designing for Homo Explorens: 90-percent PhD seminar

Welcome to the 90-percent seminar of interaction design PhD student Mads Høbye whose work deals with the concept of Designing for Homo Explorens. The seminar takes place in the Medea studio on Thursday, August 22.

Date and time: Thursday, Aug 22, 13-16
Location: Medea, Ö. Varvsgatan 11 A.
Opponent: professor Kia Höök, KTH Royal Institute of Technology