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MEDEA INSIGHT: Exploring engaging interactions on December 14

> December 14 at 15:00-18:00 at MEDEA <

It is important to interact with audiences, customers and citizens. Interactivity, inclusion and participation are key words that many professionals strive for. But how do you actually create engaging digital interactions, that triggers participants curiosity and motivating them to dig deeper into the interaction?

Medea invites you to a workshop in exploring engaging interactions. To fully understand the digital interactions it is important to try it out and explore it yourself – this understanding is not fully transferred by only looking at pictures and reading about it. Therefore a major part of the workshop will be about making quick prototypes to try out and get an understanding of how ones relate to them in the interaction – how different parameters affects the interaction. We will discuss with a starting point in ambiguous computing and reflectivity vs. immersion. We will be using the Microsoft Kinect sensor and projectors as starting point for our digital sketches.

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