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Generating Interesting Monopoly Boards from Open Data

[PUBLICATION] With increasing amounts of open data, new ways of visualizing and making sense of this data become necessary. This paper discusses the concept of data games, games that allow the player(s) to explore data that is derived from outside the game, by transforming the data into something that can be played with.

Open Seminar – Speed, Open Innovation, and Ecosystems: Implications for Software Engineering

JAN BOSCH, professor in software engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and at Groningen University, will on October 1 host a seminar dealing with the realization of software innovation in organizations, and the need this creates for embracing a wider perspective on developing novel software products.

Date/time: October 1, at 13.30-14.30.

Location: Room C214, building Kranen (no. 4 on this map)

We need to know how many chairs we need, please sign up here!.

On Security in Digital Ecosystems (Om säkerhet i digitala ekosystem)

[PUBLICATION] We are heading towards a society controlled by software and where digital market forces take over more and more of our traditional business areas. “On security in digital ecosystems” is about the people, technology and economics that shape the dynamic and complex, but also sometimes hostile, ecosystems that today’s Internet constitutes.