Book on Collaborative Media – to be published 2013

[PROJECT PORTFOLIO] The academic field of interaction design is only recently starting to address the fact that digital products these days are more media than tools. Similarly, the academic field of media studies is only recently starting to explore new positions where researchers may design rather than only observe, analyze and criticize.

Emues: Crowdsourcing concerts

[PROJECT PORTFOLIO] A platform to mediate collaboration between fans, venues and artists. The key idea is for fans to express interest in certain concerts based on artist and venue availability, to pledge intention to pay, and to engage other fans to join.

Granny’s Dancing on the Table


Granny’s Dancing on the Table is a transmedia production that includes an on- and offline storyworld with strong gaming elements. Participants will contribute to the production of the movie, both creatively and practically. This project won the ARTE Pixel Pitch Prize 2010.

Contact: Erling Björgvinsson or Richard Topgaard, Medea; Helene Granqvist, Good World AB.

Keywords: transmedia, alternative currencies, collaborative film production, gaming

New film by the creators of Nasty Old People

Granny’s Dancing on the Table, that’s the name of the new feature film directed and produced by the team behind the indie-distribution success Nasty Old People (read more about Nasty …