Alone or Not


Kinaesthetic Tweeting puts the body into social networking, making it an improvisational forum. Alone or Not is the next phase of the IntuiTweet project. It creates a choreographic frame for creating and exchanging bodily experiences. Participants send short SMS messages or tweets about their movement, actions and perceptions to each other. Together they create a social network of bodily movement that becomes a shared choreography. Alone or not is produced by and for Zodiak Centre for New Dance, Helsinki, Finland. The project has been funded by the Arts Council of Finland (Dance) and the Arts Council of the Helsinki Metropolitan Region, Finland

Contact: Susan Kozel, MEDEA

Keywords: social media, mobile technology, twitter, social choreographies

Designing for Collaborative Crossmedia Creation

[PUBLICATION] The phenomenon and structures of collaborative crossmedia creation are arguably growing in importance, both as meaningful social practices engaging millions of people and as topics that deserve analytical treatment because they can teach us things about the new media in society.

Social Choreographies


Social Choreographies is a research initiative but is also a way of looking at the urban world: seeing how we already ‘dance’ with our technologies and how, if we feel like it, can enhance the embodied quality of our mobile lives. This project refigures existing social media (like twitter and facebook) and combines these with more customised applications in order to emphasise dance, intuition and corporeal expression in daily life and to produce participatory performances and installations.

Contact: Susan Kozel, MEDEA

Keywords: social media, mobile technology, twitter, social choreographies

Nonlinear News Production and Consumption: A Collaborative Approach

Open Access:

Lindstedt, Inger; Löwgren, Jonas; Reimer, Bo and Topgaard, Richard (2009). Nonlinear News Production and Consumption: A Collaborative Approach, ACM Computers in Entertainment 7(3).

ABSTRACT – People depend on news to make sense of happenings in the world, but current digital news products do not live up to their potential in this regard. Interactivity in relation to news is often seen as a way to give the consumer control over when to consume something and on which platform. Less attention has been placed on what should be consumed and how.

Social Curation of News

For the past few months, I’ve spent a few hours every week on Twitter looking for scholars, PhDs, post-grad students etc within the field of new media (broadly speaking). The reason for this is the idea of social curation of news, a concept that is gaining more and more traction the more time we spend online liking, bookmarking, sharing, tweeting and retweeting articles that we – for any reason – find interesting. […]