Design Things – an Innovative View of Design Thinking and Design Practice

[PUBLICATIONS] This book offers an innovative view of design thinking and design practice, envisioning ways to combine creative design with a participatory approach encompassing aesthetic and democratic practices and values. The authors of Design Things look at design practice as a mode of inquiry that involves people, space, artifacts, materials, and aesthetic experience, following the process of transformation from a design concept to a thing.

Re-searching the Digital Bauhaus

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Binder, Thomas; Löwgren, Jonas; Malmborg, Lone (ed.) (2009): (Re)searching the Digital Bauhaus. London: Springer.

SUMMARY – Interaction design entered the scene of design as computer scientists and engineers realized that technology is a design material rather than a neutral set of tools and machinery supporting life at work or at home. Since then, interaction designers have been actively involved in exploring new design concepts for anything from interactive websites to intelligent everyday spaces.