Reserve the Medea Showroom (lokalbokning)

Medea affiliated researchers can book the Medea Showroom for meetings, workshops, exhibits and other events. Before you make a booking, please read the FAQ below.

How do I book the Medea Showroom?
You make a reservation by emailing Karolina Rosenqvist or Richard Topgaard.

Can I use the showroom without making a reservation?
Yes. You may use the room as a drop-in temporary workspace, both individually and in groups, if the room is vacant.

How many people can be in the room?
The showroom is quite small and has limited ventilation. For longer meetings or workshops (more than an hour), 8–10 people is maximum. For shorter meetings, around 15 people could fit without suffocating.

For how long time periods can I use the room?
You may reserve the showroom for up to two full days. Depending on availability, we may be able to make even longer bookings.

Who is allowed to book the Medea Showroom?
All Medea affiliated staff at Malmö University may book the showroom.

What does it cost us?
Nothing. However, if you want to use the showroom for student exhibitions, we may need to charge a little to help us pay the rent.

Can we leave workshop materials etc over night?
Yes, but you will not be able to use the lockers.

Is there a whiteboard?
No, but you can write on the frosted glass wall. You may need to bring your own whiteboard pens.

Where is the showroom?
Medea is located on the ground floor of the Niagara building, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1.

How do I get access to the room?
Since April 2017, all Malmö University staff should have access to the room. If you can’t get in, ask someone in Niagara’s reception to open the door.

Is there a projector and loudspeakers?
Yes. There is a ceiling-mounted projector which you start by pressing the ON-button on the wall SEVERAL times. You will have to bring your own Mac or Tablet adaptor.

Can I use the three outward-facing screens to promote stuff?
Yes. You then need to provide Richard with 1–3 still images that are 1920 pixels high and 1080 pixels wide a day in advance. You can also plug in USB flash drives directly to the monitors.

Can I remove the microphones from the table?
No, please don’t do that.

Do I have to clean up afterwards?
Yes, please clean up any cups, plates, etc. and wipe the tables clean.

Page created 4 Oct 2016 and last updated 17 May 2017.