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Medea has two residency programs: entrepreneur- and artist-in-residence. The idea is to bring exciting skills to the centre for a short period. The program seeks entrepreneurs and artists highly skilled in working with new media and new innovation models. Each year one entrepreneur and one artist will be selected.


Application dates: TBD.

Entrepreneur Residencies

Jon Kolko (May-June 2010)
Associate Creative Director at the global innovation firm Frog design and Co-Editor-In-Chief of design journal Interactions Magazine. Kolko has extensive experience in the professional world of interaction design, working within complicated technological constraints in order to best solve the problems of Fortune 500 clients.

Kolko organized the Synthesize Discussion Series on the topic of Wicked Problems and honored us with a Medea Talk on the theme Right Place, Right Time.

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Robert (Bob) Jacobson (October-December 2009)
Independent consultant and scholar from Tucson, Arizona (USA). Jacobson is interested in innovation and creativity as the outcomes of personal and social processes, in human experience and how we attempt its design (for others and for ourselves), and in how we can apply this knowledge for the betterment of humans and other species.

Jacobson organized events and lectures that helped define Medea, both internally and in the eyes of the world, for example a five-lecture series on innovation, technology, and urbanism pertinent to Malmö’s situation (and the situation of every developing city): “Malmö Transformations” featuring four of his colleagues, each a top expert in his field, and Jacobson. Jacobson also arranged day-long workshop on innovation and service design on Gemba’s work for the DESINOVA project, sponsored by the Danish Economic Development Agency and Chamber of Commerce.

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Artist Residencies

Jeannette Ginslov (Spring 2012)
Jeannette Ginslov’s work centers around affect, haptic and digital materiality on several platforms: stage, screens, online and new media applications. Ginslov’s residency, funded by the Danish Arts Council, will focus on the project AffeXity that draws together screendance, visual imagery and mobile networked devices.

Together with a team of researchers and students, Ginslov will be exploring and striving for a number things, e.g. developing the technical requirements and skills for capturing affective choreographies embedded in cityscapes, using video, the web browser Argon and mobile networked hand held devices.

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Arlene Birt (Autumn 2010)
Arlene Birt is a visual storyteller, artist and information designer. Her work focuses on visually communicating sustainability to explain the significance of the every-day within the context of “the big picture” – in order to engage people in their role as consumers.

Together with researchers at Medea and students at Malmö university, Arlene developed an interactive information design project to help people experience their social and environmental footprints: by making the “stories” of these impacts visible and interactive – in the context of the city of Malmö. The project aimed to engage people with the stories behind sustainability in order to establish a personal connection from which individuals can grasp the role they play in “the big picture” of global environment and society.

Birt gave a Medea Talk on the topic of Visualizing Sustainability and you can find a summary of her artist-in-residence projects here.

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