Joystick 6.0 – följ med bakom kulisserna på bloggen

Kören brölade, klockor klämtade, trumpeter tjöt och trummor dånade. Inte sedan jag för nära 20 år sedan skräckslaget stirrade i Baby Bowsers skinande, tomma ögon har jag upplevt en sådan pampig slutstrid i ett Super Mario-spel. Så beskriver bloggaren Alexander Cederholm musiken till spelet Super Mario Galaxy 2 på Joystick-bloggen, stället där du kan följa […]


Wrap-IT process and projects summarized

In the spring of 2013, Medea completed the Wrap-IT project (AKA Evolution M) with the purpose to help the participating teams to take an abstract idea a few steps closer to the market. With help of dedicated mentors, researchers and business developers, the participating teams was provided with resources for visualization & mock-up, prototype development, […]

Wrap-It session


Opening Production and Commons: 90-percent PhD seminar

Welcome to the 90-percent seminar of interaction design PhD student Anna Seravalli whose work deals with the opening of (tangible) production and commons. The seminar takes place in the Medea studio on February 27.

“The focus of this inquiry is on the opening of production, looking at how openness, collaboration and sharing are affecting processes of value creation where both goods and services may be generated.”

“Collaborative Media” book release at Media Evolution

On Jan 21, Jonas Löwgren and Bo Reimer will discuss their recently published book Collaborative Media: Production, Consumption, and Design Interventions (MIT Press). The book tells us about media usage in a collaborative process, how we should act and think while both consuming and producing media content.

Jonas and Bo has done a lot of research around Collaborative Media in our work- and personal life. During the talk, we have a look at the opportunities for digital development and how we embrace this in the best way possible. The lecture will be held in English.

The talk is at Media Evolution, Malmö, and you need to sign up – see details

Read more about the book.


New gadgets in the Connectivity Lab

On Thursday November 21st, Lukas Segelmark, Business Developer at AXIS Communication came by Medea with new gadgets for the Connectivity Lab: Two variations of their Linux based network cameras. The meeting was initiated as a first step towards a possible future collaboration between Medea and AXIS. With him was PhD student Mads Høbye and Researcher […]



Collaborative Media: Production, Consumption, and Design Interventions

“Collaborative Media” is fundamentally a book about how we design, satirize, reappropriate, and invent over again. It demonstrates why we should focus not so much on the user in the singular, but in the plural. The book is a necessary and warmly recommended scholarly intervention if you want to understand design and collaborative media – but also collaborative media research. (Jussi Parikka).

OVERVIEW – With many new forms of digital media – including such popular social media as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr – the people formerly known as the audience no longer only consume but also produce and even design media. Jonas Löwgren and Bo Reimer term this phenomenon collaborative media, and in this book they investigate the qualities and characteristics of these forms of media in terms of what they enable people to do. They do so through an interdisciplinary research approach that combines the social sciences and humanities traditions of empirical and theoretical work with practice-based, design-oriented interventions.

Löwgren and Reimer offer analysis and a series of illuminating case studies – examples of projects in collaborative media that range from small multidisciplinary research experiments to commercial projects used by millions of people. Löwgren and Reimer discuss the case studies at three levels of analysis: society and the role of collaborative media in societal change; institutions and the relationship of collaborative media with established media structures; and tribes, the nurturing of small communities within a large technical infrastructure. They conclude by advocating an interventionist turn within social analysis and media design.

Medea Talks # 24 – Open Public Data in the Cultural Sector

WALTRAUT RITTER is research director at Knowledge Dialogues, specializing in applied research projects on socio-economic issues of information and knowledge societies. On December 3, 2013, she gave a talk on the topic of Open Public Data in the Cultural Sector at the Medea Talks lecture series. View the video here.



Participatory design for social and public innovation: Living Labs as spaces for agonistic experiments and friendly hacking

[PUBLICATIONS] This article presents learnings and reflections on what role Malmö University as a design school can take when running a DESIS lab where several of the urgent challenges that face society today are approached. First, the base for the work, which takes place in the intersection between social innovation, participatory design and living labs, is introduced. Then, four examples of what we call agonistic small-scale experiments, where we not only explore potential solutions but also try to raise questions and dilemmas and allow controversies to reside side by side.