The Medea Talks series is a popular venue for meeting with highly skilled thinkers and practitioners from the media and design fields. You can revisit most of the talks below!

Upcoming Medea Talks

February 21 | Where is “the Human” in Digital Health Technology? Experiments at the Medical Futures Lab. (Kirsten Ostherr)

March 7 | Is There Any Point To Political Art in the 21st Century? (Harry Giles)

Recent Medea Talks

Marju Lauristin
EU Data Protection Policy in the Digital Environment

Femke Snelting & Susan Schuppli
On Apolitical Technology, and if Computers can make Ethical Decisions

Zachary Thomas Dodson:
Bats of the Republic—The Making of an Illuminated Novel

Peter Gall Krogh:
Drifting by Intention—Design Research from the Inside

World Brain:
A discussion with the artists Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon

“Du sköna nya arbetsplats”

Mary Brydon-Miller:
Then Let Us All Be Monsters—Tackling Tough Issues Through Action Research

Ezio Manzini:
Design, When Everybody Designs

Medea Talks and Other Video Lectures

There are almost fifty Medea Talks and other lectures in Medea’s video archive. Most of them are included in the playlist below (view playlist on Youtube).

All Medea Talks (2008–)

Unfortunately, not all Medea Talks have been recorded. Here’s a list of them all, recorded or not.

Talks from 2008 to February 2015 (automated list, in reverse chronological order)