Malmö University DESIS Lab

Malmö Living Labs is, since January 2012, part of the DESIS network under the name of Malmö University DESIS Lab. DESIS, which stands for Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability, is a worldwide network connecting design schools,working with design for sustainability and social innovation. Malmö University DESIS Lab is contributing with research and educational work carried on within the frame of the Malmö Living Labs.

Living Lab the Neighbourhood has been involved in the DESIS cluster Public and Collaborative:

Public & Collaborative is an initiative bringing together government agencies, not-for-profit or charitable-sector organizations, and the DESIS network of academic research labs to explore the intersection of design innovation and public policy. A major theme of this collaboration is to investigate how emerging social networks influence public services and innovation policies, and vice versa – how public services and innovation policies can trigger, empower, or direct emerging social networks. Participating DESIS labs will explore what design can do to make this promising meeting more effective and fruitful.

The DESIS cluster Distributed and Open Production was launched in June 2013, a cluster where Living Lab Fabriken is one of the founding partners, together with Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark. Distributed and Open Production aims to investigate the emerging forms of production and the new roles that they are opening for users, producers and designers.