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Collaborative Future Making

A research platform for critical imagination and societal engagement

If we can’t collaboratively imagine what a better world will look like, we will never get there.

Collaborative Future Making is a research platform at Malmö University, Sweden, where scholars from the humanities, design and social sciences explore how to envision inclusive and sustainable ways of living and thriving together.

» Contact: Per-Anders Hillgren

News and events

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These are some of the researchers that are affiliated with the Collaborative Future Making research platform.

(Malmö University faculty affiliation: HS = Health and Society; KS = Culture and Society; LS = Education and Society; TS = Technology and Society)

Åsa Alftberg, HS
Sara Bjärstorp, KS
Carin Björngren Cuadra, HS
Suzan Boztepe, TS
Jonas Christensen, HS
Ragnhild Claesson, KS
Anders Emilson, KS
Maria Hellström Reimer, KS
Per-Anders Hillgren, KS
Malin Ideland LS
Anna Jober LS
Asko Kauppinen, KS
Susan Kozel, KS
Per Linde, KS
Kristina Lindström, KS
Margareta Melin, KS
Elisabet Nilsson, KS
Magnus Nilsson, KS
Pernilla Ouis, HS
Charlotte Petersson, KS
Pille Pruulmann Vengerfeldt, KS
Petra Ragnerstam, KS
Bo Reimer, KS
Staffan Schmidt, KS
Anna Seravalli, KS
Ulrika Sjöberg, KS
Alicia Smedberg, KS
Michael Strange, KS
Michelle Westerlaken, KS
Jenny Wiik, KS

Research goals and methods

The Collaborative Future-Making platform brings together researchers in the humanities, design and social sciences. The aim is to envision, elaborate and prototype multiple, inclusive, and sustainable futures, as well as to develop forms and methods for how these alternative futures can be discussed and debated.

This will be achieved through explorations of how critical imagination and more inclusive forms of collaboration can widen the repertoire of perspectives of what can constitute socially, culturally, ecologically and economically sustainable ways of living and thriving together.

Collaborative future making is also a way of critically re-thinking and better understanding the present and the past. It enables us to see the present and history as contingent – as the product of how we live rather than something given or the outcome of an inevitable trajectory.

Research methodologies and approaches include co-design, art, action research, hermeneutics, historicization, discourse analysis, science and technology studies, phenomenology, postcolonial studies, posthumanism, feminism and performativity. Focus areas include Critical imagination, Anthropocene storytelling, Heterodox economies, Collaborative resilience, and Societal engagement.

» Intranet: For CFM affiliated researchers

The Collaborative Future Making research platform is organized in collaboration with Medea, a research lab for collaborative media, design and public engagement.

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