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Stepping up to topic-based info through SmartShare

Substrate is about collaboration and user participation around product information. But when established information producers look at Substrate, one of the key ideas is topic-based information production.
The step from producing documents to producing collections of topics, each corresponding to one question, can be quite daunting. Enter SmartShare.

The idea is to provide a lightweight tool for […]

User interface skins

Work is moving on to the detailed level of interface look and feel. Most, if not all, Substrate installations will have to be adapted to the graphical profiles of specific customers. Given that, it makes sense to think about the user-interface in terms of skins.
Here is a suggested dark skin that uses a gentle background […]

Canned Substrate?

Is there nothing new under the sun? Are we merely re-inventing a sixty year old wheel?

As the package says, this is Substrat Pro: High Performance Filter Media, presented in a 60th anniversary edition of Quality and Innovation.
But I can’t really see how it handles user participation…
(Thanks to Jessica Lindholm for finding the can, and Mads […]

Taxonomy and folksonomy

The traditional approach in technical information is for the writer and producer to create the metadata, to markup information chunks and topics with keywords and categories. It is not uncommon for information producers to create a category structure, sometimes called a taxonomy or an ontology, and to use the keywords of that structure to characterize […]