Traffic Jam Session

[PROJECT PORTFOLIO] New information and communication technology can radically improve the functionality and impact of public transportation, and there are significant opportunities to improve and enhance public transport penetration with an appropriate and innovative use of ICT. In May 2014, Medea will host an innovation competition for new innovative service solutions for public transportation.

The Data Innovation Arena

Jig-saw puzzle Copyright Flickr user Magnus A. CC:BY

Update: Data Innovation Arena is hosted at the IOTAP research center, Malmö University.


The Data Innovation Arena is a project for challenge driven innovation funded by Vinnova. The project aims to develop a minimum of 20 prototypes for ICT based services. These will be built on different sources of data and shall respond to specific needs of public authorities situated in Southern Sweden.

Elis: Mobile services for energy efficiency in existing buildings

[PROJECT PORTFOLIO] This Vinnova funded project explores how personal mobile devices can be used as catalysts and user interfaces for energy efficiency in existing buildings. The project focuses on the service level, and already existing infrastructure and hardware will be used to the greatest possible extent.

Musikalsk Oplevelsesdesign

Update: Project results are presented in the book How the Lion Learned to Moonwalk


This project develops and designs innovative experiences in the context of classical music and live concerts. It will be based on the work of three cultural institutions in the Øresund region, using them as laboratories for developing and testing new concepts, focusing on artistic and technological productions and products, and sustainable business models. We will look into possibilities of live streaming, mobile services and other digital solutions, but also visual and interactive experiences in concert halls and other public spaces. One of the main goals is to attract new audiences to classical music.

Contact: Karolina Rosenqvist (project manager) or Erling Björgvinsson (senior researcher) at Medea.

Keywords: audience experiences, classical music, business models

Funder: The European Union and Interreg IVA ÖKS

More information: on the project web

Making Futures: Marginal Notes on Innovation, Design and Democracy

[PROJECT PORTFOLIO] Making Futures is a book that is in the making; a collected edition of stories written by people that for many years have been working with and thinking about innovation, design and democracy. By sharing alternative stories about what design and innovation can be, we hope to provide a richer, and more profound image of what innovation constitute which in the longer run may contribute to a more sustainable future-making.

Evolution M: Strukturfondsmedel till förinkubator

Genom att skapa en förinkubator inom digitala medier är målet i förlängningen att stärka nyföretagande och bärare av idéer så att dessa idéer kan kommersialiseras och nå ut på marknaden. Tillväxtverket har meddelat att man beviljar 1,6 miljoner kronor i strukturfondsmedel till en förstudie. Projektet drivs av Medea på Malmö högskola tillsammans med Media Evolution.

Kontaktpersoner: Karin Johansson Mex, föreståndare på Medea; Christer Månsson, VD för Media Evolution

AffeXity – Geospatial tagging using AR browser Argon

[PROJECT PORTFOLIO] AffeXity is an interdisciplinary, collaborative, social choreography project drawing together dance, geo-spatially tagged visual imagery, and people using mobile-networked devices. Located in Medea’s wider research and production profile, this is a particularly material and performative example of the “Internet of Things.”