Reaching for sustainability: When knowledge and toolkits are not enough

Sustainability is a wicked problem. The wickedness lies in that the problems related to sustainability can’t be solved in isolation from one another—and not with toolkits that take little consideration of the context in which the problem occurs. In this Medea Vox episode, Tim May and Magnus Johansson discuss sustainability from the viewpoint of learning, co-production, and how “knowing” things not always solve everything.

Research Into Creating Compelling Visions of Alternative Futures

The current democratic systems have troubles dealing with global problems such as climate change, unsustainable economic development, and gender and racial inequality. Without compelling visions of alternative futures, it’s hard to address the multiple crises and risks of our time. The researchers network Alternative Future-Making aims to explore and develop new forms for how we can articulate and debate alternative futures.

The Future of Learning | Medea Vox

New technologies have great potential to support education. However, bringing innovation to the school, university, learner, and teacher is a challenging endeavor. In this Medea Vox episode, we discuss how new technologies change the way people think and learn. More in particular, we discuss games, project-based learning and data analytics.

Why Corporations Cannot Solve Climate Change | Medea Vox

Large corporations, capitalism and technological innovation will solve climate change. That is the story we’re being told, but is it true? Professor Daniel Nyberg wants us to stop believing in that narrative, which he describes as a “corporate myth.” This myth is dangerous because it prevents us from thinking of other solutions to climate change, such as regulations and building stronger societal institutions.