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Better ways to debug the internals of the Arduino board

As a side project during my residency at Instructables, I decided to improve on the debugging capabilities of the Arduino platform. This was in line with working with internal complexity which can be hard to comprehend as the code grows. The program enables you to visualize realtime data on the Arduino board. You are usually […]

Making Noise Machines: Non-trivial Internal Complexity as Facilitator for Curiosity

As a part of being an artist-in-residence at Instructables, I took it upon myself to build of couple of noise machines / music boxes. My interest was in designing objects that would enable people to explore the world of sound synthesis and for me to get a better understanding of how the different interfaces enable […]

Artist-in-residence at Instructables: a field report by Mads Hobye

Medea PhD candidate Mads Hobye was granted an artist-in-residence at Instructables for September 2012. Instructables is a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share projects they do, and how to do them. Because of the creative nature of the website, Instructables also have lab facilities for their own co-workers and for artist-in-residences. During September, Mads […]

DIY: Use Any Surface as a Touch Interface 1

Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to turn any surface, liquid or solid, into a touch interface? With a recently published Instructable, you can learn how to use an Arduino board to detect – for example – a single touch, multiple fingers and a grasp on almost any surface. Meet Touché for Arduino! Touché […]

Field Report from Burning Man

I went to burning man in 2010 with the Mediated Body suit project and as an assistant to Interpretive Arsons interactive installation SyzyGryd. The art festival Burning Man started as an annual bonfire ritual on the beach of San Francisco in 1986, and moved to the Nevada desert in 1990 in order to create a […]