Designers Against Animal Oppression | Medea Vox

Eating animals is outdated. A hundred years from now, we’ll probably look back and wonder how we could treat other animals as objects.

In this Medea Vox episode, designers and PhD students Michelle Westerlaken and Erik Sandelin discuss how to move towards a society that does not treat other animals as lesser beings.

Underlying the discussion is the notion of speciesism, which is the oppression or exploitation of animals on the grounds of belonging to another species – similar to racism and sexism.

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Michelle Westerlaken is PhD student in Interaction Design at Malmö University. Follow Michelle’s work on her blog, Playful Encounters with AnimalsErik Sandelin is PhD student in Art, Technology and Design at Konstfack and KTH.

Show Notes

Featured image: Fishing with a camera instead of a hook, courtesy of Erik Sandelin.

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