The Future of Learning | Medea Vox

(Or, why school can never be as good as a cool video game)

New technologies have great potential to support education. However, bringing innovation to the school, university, learner, and teacher is a challenging endeavor.

In this Medea Vox episode, we discuss how new technologies change the way people think and learn. More in particular, we discuss games, project-based learning and data analytics.

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This episode is a conversation between David Williamson Shaffer, professor of learning science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a game scientist at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research; Morten Misfeldt, professor in mathematics, information and technology at Aalborg University; and Daniel Spikol, assistant professor at the Department of Media Technology at Malmö University.

We constantly ask the question: “What do students need to know?” What we really need to ask is: ”What do students need to be able to do? What are the kinds of problems that they need to be able to solve?”

—David Williamson Shaffer

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