Why Corporations Cannot Solve Climate Change | Medea Vox

Large corporations, capitalism and technological innovation will solve climate change. That is the story we’re being told, but is it true?

Professor Daniel Nyberg wants us to stop believing in that narrative, which he describes as a “corporate myth.” This myth is dangerous because it prevents us from thinking of other solutions to climate change, such as regulations and building stronger societal institutions.

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This Medea Vox episode is a conversation between Peter Parker, senior lecturer in urban studies, and Daniel Nyberg, professor in management at the University of Newcastle and honorary professor at the University of Sydney.

The discussion focuses on the recently published book, Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations: Processes of Creative Self-Destruction, written by Christopher Wright and Daniel Nyberg.

When you look at corporate reports today, they talk about sustainability as sustainability of the business, not the sustainability of the planet. Corporations can’t, of course, deal with the planet, and that’s not their business. However, we still look at them to deal with these things.

In the UK, they are trying to calculate the value of bees’ pollination in nature. But if we then see other species with less value, should we then let them become extinct? That is the consequence if you put a price on everything.

—Daniel Nyberg

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