Bicycling is About Slowing Down | Medea Vox

For a hundred years, we’ve been burning fossil fuels to get from point A to point B. Now, when climate change is accelerating, we need other means than the car for individual transportation. Is bicycling part of the solution?

This Medea Vox episode is a conversation between Staffan Schmidt, senior lecturer in design, and Jason Henderson, professor in geography and environment at San Francisco State University.

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The social change that we need is to slow down. In everything. In our diet. In our expectation of the food to come to us. In our expectation to be able to cross the city within a short amount of time. That’s a cultural change.

The problem with ’slowing down’ is that you challenge the economic order. Because the economic order is to go fast. In a philosophical way, the bicycle is about slowing down—it challenges how you use the city as not just for economic efficiency, but for life.

—Jason Henderson

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