Feeling at Home With Internet of Things | Medea Vox

In this episode of Medea Vox, we discuss what a “smart” home is—and what new ways of being together the Internet of Things will enable.

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For decades, the home has been a place of high technology. Companies selling home appliances, from mixers to microwave ovens, have promised to ease the burden of housework and help us to be better cooks, better cleaners and so on. The sales pitch was, and often still is, that technology rescues us from the dull work of the house, leaving more time for what makes a house a home: the bonds of relationships and the pursuit of life’s pleasures.

After decades of experimentation in research labs and testbeds, a new paradigm of technology is now emerging on the market. This paradigm is Internet of Things, or IoT. Loosely sketched, Internet of Things posits a world in which all kinds of things are interconnected. They’re able to talk to each other and they form an infrastructure on which new services can be created.

But what is it like to live with Internet of Things? What new ways of being together will Internet of Things enable?

Host is Clint Heyer, senior lecturer in interaction design at Malmö University. Guests are Anuradha Reddy and David Cuartielles, both PhD candidates in interaction design at Malmö University.

All three are affiliated with the Internet of Things and People (IOTAP) research center at Malmö University.

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