On the Future of Book Design | Medea Vox

In this episode of Medea Vox, author and designer Zachary Thomas Dodson discusses his book Bats of the Republic in relation to book design, hybrid narratives and the future of ”enhanced” books.

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Book designer and author Zach Dodson’s debut novel, Bats of the Republic, is simply a beautiful book that needs to be not only read but handled by its readers. It’s an illuminated novel of adventure, with hand-drawn maps, natural history illustrations, subversive pamphlets and strange diagrams. It presents an evocative challenge for us to decipher the book’s stories and voices. There’s even an envelope that we have to choose to open—or not. As one reviewer called it, “A novel with a steampunk aesthetic and a Philip K. Dick heart.

Host is Maria Engberg, senior lecturer in media technology, Malmö University. Zach Dodson also gave a Medea Talk when he visited Malmö University, and do read Bats of the Republic.

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