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Medea reboots and moves to Niagara

In September, Medea will restart as an experimental research lab. The location will be on the ground floor of the new Malmö University building Niagara.

“Medea’s activities will focus on how collaborative media and design can be used in various societal processes – for example, in urban planning, in relation to new publics and sustainable development, and in issues regarding diversity and democracy. The idea is that Medea should be an inclusive environment that is relevant to many researchers at the university,” says Bo Reimer, professor in media and communication studies, who will be Medea’s director.

An opportunity to try something new
During the spring, together with Karolina Rosenqvist and Richard Topgaard, Bo Reimer has developed a proposal for a “new” Medea. The dean of the Faculty of Culture and Society, Ingrid Dackert, has now made the decision to establish Medea as a so-called research platform with relevance for many departments within the faculty.

“Medea has a network and an already established identity, and there is considerable interest – primarily from the School of Arts and Communication, but also from other departments – to continue with Medea in this new form,” says Ingrid Dackert.

Reimer, Rosenqvist, and Topgaard have met with more than thirty researchers to discuss what Medea should focus on.

“Researchers want opportunities to do things that are hard to do within the confinements of the department.”

—Bo Reimer

“What was most clear during the workshops was the wish of being surprised. Researchers want opportunities to do things that are hard to do within the confinements of the department. One idea that was expressed was to lock ten researchers from different disciplines into Medea’s showroom, and only let them out when they have agreed on a joint research project,” says Bo Reimer.

Showroom in Niagara
Medea will serve as an experimental research lab with many public activities such as the Medea Talks lecture series, exhibitions, and a digital media visibility.

“Now that we are moving closer to the city center, I hope that it will be easier for people outside the university to come to us. We will have a small showroom, which will serve as a meeting place, on the ground floor of Niagara. We will also have temporary exhibitions and provide the opportunity for people to sit down to read books and reports,” says Bo Reimer.

Opens this fall
Medea restarts in the fall. First event scheduled is a Medea Talk with Ezio Manzini, the world’s leading researcher in design for social innovation.

Bo Reimer has blogged about the reboot of Medea.

This post has been translated from Swedish.