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Lecture: Picking wild food – an act of resistance

On Wednesday, October 15, Zeenath Hasan will give a lecture on the theme ‘Picking wild food: an act of resistance’. The lecture is open to the public and is part of the ‘Artist talks in the greenhouse’ lecture series, hosted by the Living Archives research project, where artists and others are invited to present work related to urban gardening and archives.

Zeenath Hasan’s work consciously engages with the space of food production for humans. Her talk will reflect on foraging (searching for wild food resources) as a conscious act of resistance, which is deeply entangled with humans and non-humans in the making of meetings. Hasan is an ethnographer and food entrepreneur based in Malmö, Sweden. Her kitchen project Tapori Tiffins is located in the cosmopolitan district affectionately known to the locals as Möllan.

For details on when and where, see the Living Archives website.