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The entrance to Medea

Reorganisation of Medea

Malmö University is planning to reorganise the research centre Medea starting at the beginning of next year. Ongoing projects will be completed according to plan. New research projects will be conducted at the faculties, while support operations that have been a part of the centre will be assembled under Malmö University’s Department of Innovation and Development as of 2015.

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“We want to strengthen the university’s external partnerships and promote the development of new and creative projects,” says Charlotte Ahlgren Moritz, Deputy Vice-Chancellor with Responsibility for Cooperation at Malmö University. “The goal is to make the unique skills in methods and method development at Medea available to all of the university’s faculties and their external partners,” Charlotte Ahlgren Moritz continues.

For several years, researchers mainly from two of Malmö University’s faculties, Culture and Society and Technology and Society, have via Medea worked together with external partners on research and development projects centred on digital media, with a particular focus on new media, new public spheres, and new forms of expression. A reorganisation is now being planned starting at the beginning of next year.

“The planned organisational change safeguards Medea’s expertise in collaboration-based innovation and concentrates it in Malmö University’s Department of Innovation and Development while the research will be conducted at the faculties,” says Charlotte Ahlgren Moritz.

Karin Johansson-Mex, Director of Medea since 2011, assumed a position at LU Open at Lund University in September. “Karin has been a major driving force in building up research and innovation projects in the field of collaborative media and prototyping, such as the Data Innovation Arena Project, which is planned to commence in the autumn. We hope to continue collaborating with Karin in her new position at Lund University,” says Hans Lindquist, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Doctoral Education.

Ongoing projects proceeding according to plan
All ongoing projects linked to Medea will continue according to plan. The reorganisation is planned to be fully complete in the first quarter of 2015.

“We see many creative meeting places in the future for Malmö University. One example is the ‘Forskaren på Medeonområdet’ district, which will be transformed into ‘Malmö Biointerface’ – an innovation centre where researchers, students, and entrepreneurs meet to break new ground in biomedical technology with a focus on biological interfaces and nanotechnology. Another example can be found in the plans for a unique, new collaborative environment created in conjunction with parts of the university being merged into new buildings in 2015,” says Charlotte Ahlgren Moritz.

For questions concerning the reorganisation, please contact Hans Lindquist or Charlotte Ahlgren Moritz.

If you have ideas for new co-production projects with Malmö University, please contact Charlotte Ahlgren Moritz or Anna-Karin Alm.