How can we build a sustainable digital ecosystem for the arts in the Nordic region?


May 23-24 at Medea, Malmö University.

The Truly Digital conference series aim to understand the internet beyond the uncritical appraisal of start-up days and hackathons, to create a deeper understanding of the growing digital society. The organizers want to look at both the opportunities and challenges, in digital organization and practice. The focus is on the policy level and the circumstances for artistic work. The conference is created for people in the cultural sector and for those working with cultural policy in the five Nordic countries and three Baltic countries.

We are about to colonize a new continent – one with a different topography than what we are used to. On the new continent potential links between nodes are many more, physical archives do not restrict the availability of information, time does not tear memories in the same way. The environment seems different to what we are used to.

The individual, often experience difficulties in keeping up with the pace of change in this new world. It is easy to get exploited by explorers/colonizers and those who expropriates the new lands if you do not know the rule of the game. We need to think carefully about what we think is right – and legal – on the digital continent and it requires new policies and frameworks to work for many. The tools of the nation states in the old world are far behind to maintain order and sustain the tax base. The digital settlers are formulating their own policies and monitoring of crime and punishment. How should we do to make communication between systems to be as constructive as possible? Issues we aim to address are:

  • How is power distributed?
  • How do we build a sustainable system for culture?
  • Who are the stakeholders involved in the process?

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Truly Digital is carried out with the support of the MEDIA program, The Nordic Cultural Fund and Medea Collaborative Media Initiative.