Traffic Jam Session

Traffic Jam Session (May 27-29): Prototyping the Future of Public Transportation

[Update, April 16th 2014]: Official Traffic Jam Session website is online at

On May 27-29, Medea hosts Traffic Jam Session, an innovation competition where we prototype the future of public transportation. Over 36 hours, we will create new concepts, services, and experiences for the public transportation sector.

When: May 27-29, 2014
Where: Medea studio, Östra Varvsg. 11, Malmö (map)

We want all types of creative people to participate. You don’t need to be a technical guru or a programming wizard. In the end, it is the collaboration between participants with different skill sets that creates the most interesting outcomes. The aim of the challenge (the competition) is to propose answers to the question: How can we bring public transportation into the future? We are interested in ideas and concepts for applications, visualizations, and services that use data flows as their material.

The competition
The challenge is divided into two categories: the main competition (taking place on May 27-29) is open for both individuals and teams, the other category (taking place on May 27) is for youths aged 13-17 and is hosted by FOO Café/CoderDojo Malmö and InnoCarnival.

The outcome depends on your interests. If you are a graphical designer, we would love to see you contributing with visual mockups and ideas. If you know how to build things with your hands, then a lo-fi prototype would be amazing. If you know how to crunch numbers in spreadsheets, it would be amazing to see novel ways to analyse and interpret those numbers. We hope to see a wide range of ideas made in different mediums, from printed posters to working technical prototypes.

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Traffic Jam Session is hosted by and at Medea, Malmö University, in collaboration with Skånetrafiken and Mobile Heights. Other partners are Foo Café/CoderDojo Malmö and InnoCarnival.