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Participatory design for social and public innovation: Living Labs as spaces for agonistic experiments and friendly hacking

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Hillgren, Per-Anders. 2013. “Participatory design for social and public innovation: Living Labs as spaces for agonistic experiments and friendly hacking”. In Public and collaborative: Exploring the intersection of design, social innovation and public policy, edited by Ezio Manzini and Eduardo Staszowski, 75-88. DESIS Network.

ABSTRACT – This article will present some learning’s and reflection on what role we as a design school can take when running a DESIS lab where we approach several of the urgent challenges that face society today. First I will introduce the base for our work, which takes place in the intersection between social innovation, participatory design and living labs. Then I will give four examples of what we call agonistic small-scale experiments, where we not only explore potential solutions but also try to raise questions and dilemmas and allow controversies to reside side by side. Finally I will present four sets of reflections from what we learned so far where I more deeply discuss the implications of doing agonistic experiments. I will also reflect on how we recently have tried to build alliances with other research disciplines and civil servants to perform ’friendly hacking’. A strategy where we through policy work push the boundaries of the lab and expand the potential impact of our activities.

ABOUT THE BOOKPublic and Collaborative, published by the DESIS (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability) network, reflects on the efforts of DESIS Labs in Europe and North America. From a critical perspective, the book presents the Labs’ projects and activities. The book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivs 3.0 license.

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