Traffic Jam Session


New information and communication technology (ICT) can radically improve the functionality and impact of public transportation, and there are significant opportunities to improve and enhance public transport penetration with an appropriate and innovative use of ICT. In May 2014, Medea will host an innovation competition for new innovative service solutions for public transportation. The goal is to generate sustainable and creative innovations for applications and solutions towards public transport. The aim is to create innovations that can broaden the perspective of public transport, improve operational efficiency and accessibility, and increase the attractiveness through improved user experiences. The final concepts should expand the way we use public transport today.

The thematic owner is Skånetrafiken and the cluster organization Mobile Heights has a coordinating role contributing to information efforts through the wide network within industry, government and academia. Participants from the telecom sector are Sony Mobile (SWE), Murata (JP), TI (N), and Nordic Semiconductor. Manager of the competition is Medea, Malmö University.


Contact: Karin Johansson-Mex and Peter Løvschall

Keywords: Open Data, Internet of Things, hackathon, innovation competition, public transportation