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The Data Innovation Arena

Update: Data Innovation Arena is hosted at the IOTAP research center, Malmö University.


The Data Innovation Arena is a project for challenge driven innovation funded by Vinnova. The project aims to develop a minimum of 20 prototypes for ICT based services. These will be built on different sources of data and shall respond to specific needs of public authorities situated in Southern Sweden.

During autumn 2013 the project is in its initial (A) stage, aiming to form a B-level application with a deadline on January the 31st. The B level project is expected to start in Q2 of 2014 and will run for two years with a 10 M SEK funding from Vinnova. The B-level aims to develop solutions and verified prototypes in order pave the way for a C-level application (5-30 M SEK) aiming to internationally commercialize the results of the B-level project.

The application area for the services to be developed in The Data Innovation Arena are Mobility in the city and the region and can apply (but is not limited) to:

  • Public transportation
  • Models for carpooling or other alternative transportation
  • Municipal or regional service functions such as snow removal, home care etc.
  • Interaction and communication with citizens on the move

Current consortium partners:
Malmö högskola, Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Lunds Tekniska Högskola, Skånetrafiken, Gatukontoret Malmö stad, Malmö Turism Malmö stad, Stadsbyggnadskontoret Malmö stad, Kommunkontoret Karlshamns kommun, HIQ, Trivector, 4IT, Telia Sonera, Sony Mobile Communications, Mobile Heights, Media Evolution, Netport Science Park, Fujitsu, All Binary, Ericsson Research, and Lunds Kommun.

In order to further strengthen the performance on the B level, other relevant partners will be invited to take part of the project.

Examples of data used in the project could be:

  • Open data – from social media, social data, etc.
  • Public sector data – the City of Malmö and the Region of Skåne
  • Data from companies with an interest in the project – e.g. Skånetrafiken
  • Data generated through project applications – crowd sourced information collected by so-called “super users”.

All services will be defined to meet specific needs of the public authorities situated in Southern Sweden, the Region of Skåne, and the City of Malmö. The concepts will be developed through different models for user-driven design and open innovation.

Keywords: design, innovation, internet of things, service design, open data

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