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Musical Experience Design: four concepts for audience engagement

The question of how contemporary media can strengthen the relationship between cultural institutions and their audience(s) has been explored by seventeen interaction design masters students at the School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University, all within the project Musikalsk Oplevelsesdesign project.

Four concepts were developed over a period of ten weeks, where masters students at the Interaction Design programme at the School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University, worked in collaboration with representatives from cultural institutions Malmö Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Danish Theatre, and Copenhagen Phil.

The concepts are:

The Joystick Arena is an event-based Twitter webpage that will serve as a hub and an arena for dialogue between Malmö Symphony Orchestra and the audience, and between the audiences/gamers themselves.

Dante’s Purgatory explores how the boundaries between the audience and the dancers can be challenged and made more participatory.

Opera & student engagement is a learning format and learning platform that builds upon and develops workshop formats run by the outreach staff at the Royal Danish Theatre.

Maestro is a public interactive installation where people, for a short period of time, can together discover, play and reinterpret parts of Beethoven’s fifth symphony by regulating the volume of five sound pipes.

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