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Medea professor invited to the Interaction Design Foundation Executive Board

The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, where thought leaders from across the design and technology universe contribute, is the heart of the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF). A new executive board has recently been announced, and Jonas Löwgren, professor in Interaction Design, is onboard.

IDF founder Mads Soegaard writes:

“We’re leading a battle against frustrating and time-consuming technology — poor designs that drain our productivity, our dignity and sometimes our sanity. Too many PCs, mobile devices, household appliances and software applications are designed with engineers in mind, not consumers.  In fact, study after study shows that computers are the leading cause of lost productivity.  One survey revealed that crashes, printer jams and network problems cost the average UK employee 48 minutes per day.  That’s one reason why we’re reaching out to the next generation of tech designers with free, world-class educational materials.”

The goal of the encyclopedia is making technology more user-friendly by giving designers free educational material at the highest quality. All executive board members are serving gratis, and they are working hard to publish free online educational materials for technology designers and college students.

View the Encyclopedia sample chapter Wearable computing.

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Here’s a recent open-access publication by Löwgren & Höök (2012): Strong concepts: Intermediate-level knowledge in interaction design research