Lecture: The Vermont Maker Movement

JOHN COHN, JENN KARSON & MIKAEL HAGLUND. A discussion on the Vermont maker movement and its collaborations among artists, scientists and technologists in the US.

JOHN COHN is an IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist of Design Automation at IBM and has been an innovator in the area of design automation for integrated circuits. He has more than 50 patents issued or pending in the field of design automation, methodology and circuits and has authored more than 30 technical papers, and contributed to four books. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and the Vice President Americas for the IBM Academy of Technology

JENN KARSON is a native Vermonter who works with a strong sense of place. She has performed on stage, in bars, basements, garages, and at the drive-in. She creates both indoor and outdoor installations for urban and rural places and exhibits in both galleries and nontraditional places of display. Trained as a classical singer and musician, she transitioned into sound work after releasing four original sound recordings with the alternative pop bands Zola Turn and Bad Ju Ju. She is the founder of Sesamedia New Media, Studio Ju Ju Sound Arts and a founding member of Vermont Makers.

MIKAEL HAGLUND is Chief Technologist, at IBM Sweden.

The video lecture embedded below (or here on YouTube) was recorded at Connectivity Lab Live, an event celebrating the inauguration of Connectivity Lab, which is an experimental prototype arena where skills, technology and researchers meet with entrepreneurs and companies to help create new and better services, experiences and products in the field of digital media and connected devices.

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Image credit Flickr user origamidon CC:BY-NC-ND