Lecture: Open Design Now

DEANNA HERST is an art historian specialized in media technology in art and design. She has worked as a curator, media developer, producer and writer for several arts and design organisations.

Currently, she is senior lecturer at Willem de Kooning Academie/Rotterdam University where she is developing the new program “Open Design”, in collaboration with Waag Society and Creative Commons Netherlands. She is associate researcher and Ph.D. candidate (on Authorship: Design and Spaces of Participation) at the Research Center Creating 010, Hogeschool Rotterdam/ Rotterdam University and TU Delft.

The video lecture embedded below (or here on YouTube) was recorded at Connectivity Lab Live, an event celebrating the inauguration of Connectivity Lab, which is an experimental prototype arena where skills, technology and researchers meet with entrepreneurs and companies to help create new and better services, experiences and products in the field of digital media and connected devices.

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Have a look at the free book Open Design Now.