Lecture: Challenges and successes when creating prototypes with the industry

PATRICIA CHARLTON is a researcher on artificial intelligence, cognitive science and technology-enhanced learning. She is the author of several papers on artificial intelligence, education, ubiquitous computing and intelligent context-aware designs. She has received a number of standards and invention awards for her contribution to the field of computer science research.

Charlton has taught both undergraduate and postgraduate computer science- and artificial intelligence courses. Before coming to the London Knowledge Lab, Charlton worked at Motorola leading the Semantic Personal Services Technology Group providing innovative user-centered solutions. More recently she has designed an intelligent framework to assist in supporting the teaching community in using theory and practice and the advances in technology in the creation, sharing and use of Learning Designs. She is currently working with teachers, students, researchers and industry to bring a broader understanding of the importance in how and why to teach and learn about computational thinking and computer science as part of leading the London Knowledge Lab Innovation.

The video lecture embedded below (or here on YouTube) was recorded at Connectivity Lab Live, an event celebrating the inauguration of Connectivity Lab, which is an experimental prototype arena where skills, technology and researchers meet with entrepreneurs and companies to help create new and better services, experiences and products in the field of digital media and connected devices.

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Image credit Flickr user tim ellis CC:BY-NC