Dance and augmented reality performance – DansAR 01

Come join us at Skånes Dansteater this Friday at 2.30 PM for a dance and augmented-reality performance: DansAR 01.

You are invited to an informal presentation with dancers from Skånes Dansteater’s community outreach program who, for the past week, have been working with researchers from Medea and faculty and students from the Department of Computer Science at Malmö University.

You will experience augmented reality, dance sequences, and live dance performance with dancers of mixed abilities.

When: Friday Feb 22, 14.30-15.30.
Where: Skånes Dansteater’s foyee (find it on a map)
Whom: Everyone

May we suggest that you download (for free) the augmented-reality app Aurasma from Apple’s app store or Google Play.

The workshop series DansAR 01 & DansAR 02 is carried out within the Living Archives project.

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  1. I am sorry i missed this performance…is it possible to watch a recording of it? Please mention the link if yes…

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