Doctoral student in Media and Communication Studies

Malmö University has a doctoral programme in Media and communication studies within the research area New Media, Public Spheres and Forms of Expression. We are now looking for a PhD student in Media and communication studies.

Applications due Feb 21, 2013.

This PhD position is for a student to join the Living Archives project funded by the Swedish Research Council’s programme “Digitized Society”. The 4 year collaborative, interdisciplinary project is based at Medea and involves researchers from the faculties of Culture & Society, Technology & Society and Education & Society. It is structured through the parallel and complementary research strands of Open Data and Performing Memory. We will examine, analyse and create prototypes for how archives can become a social resource, be integral in creating social change, cultural awareness and collective collaboration. We aim to open the process of archiving to embrace contemporary practices around open data, performance, mobile media, and gaming. The PhD student will gain experience of working collaboratively with other researchers and establish contacts both nationally and internationally. We encourage interested applicants to consult the details of the Living Archives project.

The New Media, Public Spheres and Forms of Expression research programme prepares the candidate for a research or teaching career in academia as well as providing professional skills for work outside the academic field. An essential aim of the programme is that the student shall experience collaboration with other researchers and thereby establish a national and international contact network. Currently there are approximately 10 active doctoral students in the programme. It is desirable that the student integrates creative or practical work with analytical work.

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Contact information
Professor Susan Kozel, tel. 072 7445 971; Head of K3 Sara Bjärstorp, tel. 040-66 57754

Image credit Flickr user Mike “Dakinewavamon” Kline CC:BY