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DIY space rocket points towards a very democratic future

It’s not just Billy Bob Thornton’s character Charles Farmer in the 2006 motion picture The Astronaut Farmer who dreams of orbiting Earth. A Danish team of space enthusiasts have for a few years built and deployed an NPOSDIY (non-profit open-source do-it-yourself) space rocket.

The Copenhagen Suborbitals crew worked on their first rocket in the belly of the illutron barge. Medea’s Mads Høbye, PhD student in Interaction Design and co-founder of Illutron, comments on the project:

This is an epic example of how far you can get on a tiny budget and a lot of skilled people. It hints at a future where technical knowledge is open sourced and the capabilities are in the hands of the people. You might say a very democratic future. This is one of the projects I am really excited to follow, and the barge might be used as a launch platform some time in the future.

The online magazine Motherboard made the video Building a Homemade Spacecraft, also embedded below, explaining it all in detail.

For more information, follow Copenhagen Suborbitals on their website.

– Another Illutron project: Hacking the Xperia

Image credit: Bo Tornvig. Used with permission.