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Lecture: Fablab Amsterdam and a very nice bass guitar

ALEX SCHAUB became manager of the Fablab Amsterdam in 2008, following his graduation from the Fab Academy course “How to make almost anything” at MIT Center of Bits and Atoms.

Fablab Amsterdam is located at the Waag Society, institute for art, science & technology, where Alex works as technician and manager. Originally from Switzerland, Alex began his career designing production machines for the Swiss Watch Company Ronda SA, but soon realized he was more into music, and entered the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where he received a MA in music in 2001. He has also been involved in several art projects, such as Sonic Kitchen, a performance integrating food, sound and image.

The video lecture embedded below (or here on YouTube) was recorded at Connectivity Lab Live, an event celebrating the inauguration of Connectivity Lab, which is an experimental prototype arena where skills, technology and researchers meet with entrepreneurs and companies to help create new and better services, experiences and products in the field of digital media and connected devices.

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