Citizen Engagement in the Post-Digital Decade—Tiffany St James (Medea Talks #21)

TIFFANY ST JAMES is a social media strategist, trainer and international speaker, advising governments and industry on embedding social media and digital engagement in global businesses. She is the former Head of Public Participation for the UK Government launching Directgov and On November 14, she gave a Medea Talk about digital citizen engagement.

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The Q&A starts 45.30 into this video.

More about Tiffany St James
Tiffany St James work focuses on embedding social media in global corporations, creating revenue-generating social media services for agencies, and “Social TV” which is about helping broadcasters and producers engage with audiences. Tiffany has been a speaker at TED, Gartner and Detica events and is a moderator on social media for international conferences. She founded her consultancy Stimulation 10 years ago, her clients include BBC, Channel 4, The Guardian, HP, Microsoft, The Post Office, and TalkTalk.

As the former Head of Public Participation for the UK Government she was responsible for training all civil servants to build a digital capability. She was a founding member of the Speaker’s Advisory Council on Public Engagement to make democracy and the Houses of Parliament more meaningful to people in the UK today and is an Executive Director of the British Interactive Media Association and part of the inaugural Google Squared2012 training team.

Medea Talk with Tiffany St James
When: Wednesday, November 14, 16:00-18:00
Where: at the MEDEA studio, Östra Varvsgatan 11, Malmö
Whom: The Medea Talk is for free and open to everyone. It is followed by Q&A and conversation.
Moderator: Professor Timothy Engstrom
More info: About Tiffany St James here