Internet of Sports: Planning grant awarded


How can state of the art digital technology be used to improve training and performance in sports? How can we provide new kinds of experience in sports and recreation? How can we mediate the relations between athletes and audiences in new and engaging ways?

Such questions motivated the formation of a new research consortium involving the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), Mid Sweden University, Skövde University and Malmö University. The consortium was recently awarded a planning grant from the Knowledge Foundation to develop a full proposal for a five-year joint research program.

Contact: Jonas Löwgren, Malmö University.

Keywords: Internet of Things, sports

Internet of Sports - Images courtesy Christer Norström
Internet of Sports – Images courtesy Christer Norström

The images come from a pilot study called XC Trainer, where mobile phone accelerometers were used to capture motion data from elite cross-country skiers in summer training camp. Preliminary analysis suggests that key parameters of motion patterns can be elicited and a crucial question is how they can be related to performance, energy conservation and other outcomes – in order to improve training schemes and ultimately the competitive results. Images courtesy of Christer Norström.