PhD Seminar: Prototyping Towards Opening Production

This 50-percent-seminar represents a half-way milestone in Anna Seravalli’s PhD at Medea, Malmö University. On October 10, Seravalli will give a picture of what her research has resulted in until now, but she will also give insights about how to continue her research. Seravalli’s central theme is prototyping towards opening production, a theme that represents a frame that is built on and keeps together the experiments developed and carried out within Living Labs Fabriken and The Neighbourhood.

Date/time: October 10, at 10-13.

Opponent: Oksana Mont, Lund University

Location: Medea (map)

Prototyping as a Design Strategy for Composing Together
Prototyping is discussed as a design strategy for composing together (Latour 2010) where collaborative and open practices are used to develop future prospects, starting from locally based resources and in collaboration together with other stakeholders. In composing together, design becomes a way of carrying out actions with other actors, accounting for serendipity and for the specific context where the action is developing.

Composing represents a specific approach of critique where instead of looking for the ultimate truth lying behind things (Latour 2010), the focus is on assembling and composing new practises and possibilities with a locally based perspective.

This work focuses on composing-together practices for opening production, where open and collaborative experimentation are used to explore new prospects for creating goods and services. The idea of opening production allow us to investigate how production could work towards generating well-being beyond opulence, which entails that the focus is not on material well-being; rather on how production practices can improve people’s possibilities of being and doing (Sen 1986) within the environmental limits. Specifically, there is a shift in understanding well-being from being a matter of opulence to being concerned with functions and capabilities which represent people’s skills but also their possibilities of choosing between diverse possibilities of being.

By discussing how composing together was performed in the experiments and how they represent attempts of opening production, this text tries to understand how to further develop the research for prototyping towards opening production.

To get the full introduction to this seminar, e-mail Anna Seravalli