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Making Futures – Challenging Innovation: Fanzine and Companion Guide

In this PDC 2012 workshop, we challenged the logic of innovation by exploring the potential of participatory design cases that demonstrate a repertoire of differently situated practices of future-making; futures made locally, in heterogeneous communities, and with marginalised publics. The workshop focused on map-making and storytelling to form landscapes of multiple futures.

Participants engaged in producing a Travel Guide to the Futures, a publication documenting the archipelago of futures. This part of the workshop explored the proximities of some futures, and distances of others; the shared challenges both within the cases themselves and of the experiences of the design practice. It also considered the connections and resistances between these multiple forms of innovation practice. Through these discussions and sharing of stories, images, and texts from the cases, participants generated a travel guide.

Download the fanzine in PDF format: for print (47 MB), for screen (15 MB). This publication is licensed Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial.

In the Companion Guide below, we have collected all papers presented at the workshop. Download it here (148 MB) For more information, contact Laura Watts.

Companion Guide Part 1

Companion Guide Part 2

Anders Emilson, Andrea Botero, Anna Seravalli, Ann Light, Barbara Andrews, Catalina Alzate, Cristiano Storni, David Hakken, Delia Grenville, Erling Björgvinsson, Judith Gregory, Kristina Lindström, Marie Kirstejn Aakjær, Maurizio Teli, Mette Kjærsgaard, Per-Anders Hillgren, Per Linde, Stella Boess, Tiina Suopajärvi, Vincenzo D’Andrea, Yanki Lee, Yvonne Dittrich, Åsa Ståhl

Elisabet M. Nilsson, Laura Watts, Pelle Ehn, Richard Topgaard

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